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an encounter: an experience, a meeting
I've only had a brief encounter with the new intern. I don't really know her yet.

to encounter (a problem, a friend): to come across, to meet, to run into (a problem, a friend)
-Did you encounter any problems at the airport? -Yes. We lost our luggage.


  • "Subject: My unpleasant encounter with Philip Cheeter"
  • "I sincerely want to help people overcome the difficulties they encounter in today's complex world of cosmetics."
  • "Subject: My unpleasant encounter with your e-mail"
  • "As I begin this new chapter in my life, substituting meaningless sexual encounters with meaningful brush strokes, I would appreciate the support of my colleagues as I reveal the fruits of my labor."
  • "Mr. Quincy is, frankly, the most organized human being that I have ever encountered."
  • "Many new arrivals encounter language barriers."
  • "Here is my assessment of your issues following our brief encounter."
  • "Narrator : Bruno never forgot this remarkable first encounter, and spent his years at University studying animal behavior and linguistics."

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