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to enjoy (doing something): to take pleasure in, to like, to love (doing something)
to enjoy oneself to have fun, to have a good time
-Did you enjoy the movie? -Yes, I thought it was great!

Note that to enjoy is always followed by a verb in the gerund (-ing):

I enjoy swimming in the lake. I like swimming in the lake.
(as opposed to: I like to swim in the lake.)

Pronunciation examples
UK: I enjoy cooking meals for my cat.
US: Did you enjoy the film we saw last night?
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  • "Philip : Thank you loyal subjects, I hope you enjoyed your new national anthem. Don't worry, you'll going to hear it again, every morning, every afternoon, and twice every night."
  • "Here is the chicken you'll be enjoying tonight."
  • "I hope you enjoy the frozen tundra."
  • "Horatio : Ok, enjoy your visit."
  • "Enjoy! Bruno"
  • "Also, I left some chocolate in your top drawer. Enjoy."
  • "Those clothes were on me for 15 days, so I'm glad someone else can enjoy them. So were you just having a swim or were you trying to get somewhere?"
  • "Try to enjoy the silence."
  • "Enjoy your holiday"
  • "Philip : Ahem, ahem. Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you so much for coming to my first exhibition, I hope you're enjoying the fine art on display as well as the nachos and fruit punch I've generously provided."

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