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enough: sufficient, as much as necessary, adequate
There's enough food here to feed 100 people, so the 40 guests should be more than satisfied.
That's enough! Stop! I'm tired of this!

Pronunciation examples
UK: There's enough food here to feed fifty people.
US: I've had enough of you. Get out of my house.
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  • "Well, I think that's enough for one day."
  • "Cockney barman : Your Majesty, I can't apologise enough."
  • "I remind you that my home country, Ozsglackastan, is not yet part of Europe - the EU is not crazy enough to let us join."
  • "The results should be enough to convince the jury of your innocence, and clear your good name."
  • "Horatio : Enough!"
  • "I guess the people here are nice enough."
  • "The teacher of the class has been hailed as a hero for bringing the incident to a swift end by saying, 'Ok class, that's enough excitement for today, turn to page 54 of your textbooks: Trigonometry'."
  • "I wish there were enough room on my screen to display both documents at the same time!"
  • "Lawrence Laughsalot : That's enough, Cheeter."
  • "Bruno : Alright alright, I've heard enough."

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