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entirely: totally, completely, wholly
Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm not entirely convinced by your pathetic excuse.
US: Well, that's an entirely different question!
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  • "Anosmia is a condition in which the sense of smell is reduced or lost entirely."
  • "Bruno : Right, right, I agree with you entirely, Luna."
  • "Brent : That's not entirely accurate, Stephanie."
  • "Susie : Though he could have been saying something else entirely."
  • "Environmentalists point out that the production of biofuels isn't entirely green."
  • "* These idioms are not entirely accurate."
  • "Jonas : Actually, Brent that's not entirely accurate-"
  • "Located in a secret offshore location to cut costs and hurt the global economy, your rehabilitation takes place entirely online."
  • "The marketing department, you see, has a flexible budget which accounts for the unpredictable expenses of publicity campaigns, endorsements and travel, so this outlay is not entirely unexpected."

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