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to escape (from): to flee, to get away, to slip away, to take off (from)
He escaped from prison by disguising himself as a prison warden and walking straight out of the door.

an escape: an exit, a way out; an evasion, an avoidance
a fire escape a door or exit separate from the main door for people to leave or exit in case of fire

to escape (death): to avoid, to hide from (death)


  • "Dr. Gilchrist : Well, I just got here, but sure, escape sounds fun!"
  • "I just escaped from a mental institution."
  • "On the bright side, Icarus and I both escaped serious injury, although Icarus did break his clavicle in several places, and I did suffer a fractured pelvis."
  • "We're going to escape!"
  • "Looks like you've managed to escape prison one more time!"
  • "During the holiday shopping season, you can't escape it."
  • "A rare Siberian tiger named "Shoshana" escaped from her pen at the San Francisco zoo yesterday night and attacked a crowd of seven teenagers who had been insulting her, seriously injuring all seven of them. An eighth person, a six year old boy named Timothy Aldridge, was licked by the tiger, and later said the tiger's tongue felt "like sandpaper" and that her breath smelled like "muffins"."
  • "This is the third such escape from a major zoo in as many months."
  • "I plan to escape today."
  • "Escape is impossible."

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