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to establish: to create, to found, to start; to determine
To establish a business To start or to create a company

(well) established: having a (very) recognized position, being generally (well) known

an establishment: a business, a company, a foundation, an organization, an institution
Pronunciation examples
UK: We have now established that Madeleine was killed by her mother.
US: The Delavigne Corporation is a very well-established company.


  • "My brand is established."
  • "We have video footage of masked members of this group breaking in to our establishment shortly before we opened on Friday."
  • "Listen Sleepwalker, I'm going to try and establish your position."
  • "An established, high-end French product on the American market would do very well."
  • "As secretary of the local Ladies' Knitting Collective, I am key in determining the establishments which the ladies of this city frequent."
  • "Also, I thought I should bring it to your attention that Horatio has already established his own nap time policy, apparently it has been in place for several decades, and he seems to be ultra-productive!"
  • "I have been assured that we have every right to take legal action against your establishment."
  • "A connection between the recent animal incidents has not yet been established;"
  • "- DO NOT smoke in the establishment."
  • "Ref: FDA Establishment Inspection Report"

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