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Etcetera (and so on and so forth): Latin expression meaning 'and the rest', 'and so on'


  • "Party favors (cone-shaped hats, noise-makers, etc.)"
  • "Swedes are from Sweden, etcetera."
  • "They have IT, management training, language courses, etcetera, etcetera."
  • "I'd like you to install the necessary software for a Delavigne debutante (FireSox, Thunderpants, Microtosh Office etc.)."
  • "Please find below all of my contact information (telephone and fax numbers, e-mail, address, pager number, etc.) in the event that you would like to arrange a meeting, or simply discuss some specifics."
  • "First, make it clear in your invitation how smart the evening is going to be: 'smart', 'casual', 'smart-casual', etc. Second, it is not usually polite to ask your guests to bring anything to dinner."
  • "You know how it works: we'll look at how your Delavigne products have been selling this quarter, what you'd like to order more of, what you've still got in stock, etc."
  • "We'll start with the basics of the machine and then focus on the Internet, then eventually we'll deal with word processing, spreadsheets, etc."
  • "I will of course insist on a good cross-section of society in terms of age, gender, ethnic origin, etc."

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