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exciting: inspiring, stimulating, thrilling

to excite: to inspire, to stimulate, to animate


  • "Now, our inventory is done, I have some exciting news for you."
  • "There have been lots of exciting developments here at the Delavigne Corporation recently, and I think that the opening of Delavigne's new flagship store on Oxford Street, London would perhaps be the most interesting for your British readership."
  • "But hurry up, you'll miss all the exciting baseball action."
  • "Lucie : Oh, this is so exciting."
  • "Finally, we will also be opening several new stores in China, to get the most out of this exciting market."
  • "I have some exciting news!"
  • "Well this 'app' I'm using at the moment is quite exciting."
  • "Lucy : Well, Diddly is making a new film and the exciting part is that he wants Delavigne perfumes to be an integral part of the plot!"
  • "Bruno : Instead, you're going to be taking part in some exciting, challenging, and extremely dangerous missions."
  • "Time will tell if the project is a commercial success, but the Delavigne Gallery has already attracted enough plaudits to make it one of New York's newest and most exciting landmarks."

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