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a (managing) executive: a (managing) director, manager, controller

(an) executive (decision): (a) directing, governing, regulating (decision)
Pronunciation examples
UK: I think it's time for an executive decision.
US: I'm only attracted to successful young executives.


  • "We have a new sales staff made up of bright young executives, and it takes time to train them, it's as simple as that."
  • "The Executive Super Gold Savings Account"
  • "I mean, no more than your average single, overworked executive."
  • "Brian : The company rents the entire building, but the fourth floor is reserved for our executive offices, the boardroom, the laboratory and a lounge."
  • "We require a minimum balance of at least $7000 for you to open an Executive Super Gold Savings Account."
  • "Miaow Yang (IFC executive): ."
  • "I am actively seeking an executive assistant opportunity in a demanding, fast-paced, multi-tasking environment such as the Delavigne Corporation."
  • "Time management is essential to high-level executives, and I want to know about your timetable."
  • "Luna : But sir, this is no replacement for an experienced HR executive."
  • "In the meantime, I'd like to show you the executive offices, introduce you to the staff, and answer any questions you may have."

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