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to exist: to be, to be alive; to be found; to survive
I don't know if that really exists. I don't know if it can be found here.

existing: alive, living; current, present
There are many existing laws that would make releasing such a software impossible. They are current laws so you must obey them.


  • "Does such a thing even exist in the States?"
  • "I am confident that you will help us preserve our existing client base and provide our clients with excellent customer service, as well as discovering new opportunities for our products."
  • "I do not exist."
  • "In the real world, relationships like hers don't exist."
  • "To your second point, the Soviet Union hasn't existed for nearly 20 years, and finally a luge is a type of high-speed sled."
  • "All I receive is junk or spam from people wanting to enlarge parts of my body that don't even exist."
  • "Take one look at that Tyrannosaur and tell me that dinosaurs don't exist!"
  • "You are unlikely to be lent any more money and you may not be able to transfer your existing loan from one home to another."
  • "Experts are blaming this miscalculation on the "excessive drinking culture" that exists at archeological digs."

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