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an expense: a cost, something you spend money on
Only business-related meals count as company expenses. Everything else you spend money on you have to pay for yourself.
an expense account an arrangement in which your employer pays for the things you need to buy while doing your job (hotel bills, fuel etc.)
at public expense paid for by the government, the state, the taxpayers


  • "You e-mailed me Bruno's expenses for this month, but I think you forgot to include the spreadsheet."
  • "Anyway, I really appreciate the opportunity to pursue this type of unorthodox training at the company's expense, and I heartily recommend to the rest of the staff to follow through and do something similar."
  • "Subject: Expenses!"
  • "Attached: Philip_expenses."
  • "Furthermore, the company will be happy to reimburse the travel expenses for your husband and cats to join you the next few weekends until your family moves here permanently."
  • "Bruno : The company covers accommodation expenses for new foreign employees."
  • "Please pay Mr. Bollocks for his time and expenses, and then take the afternoon off."
  • "By simply accepting Mrs. Hughes' resignation, you could have spared the company this expense, which would have been greatly appreciated."
  • "EXPENSES: $887 million"
  • "
    Date Expense Description Amount ($) Units Details

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