Definition Experimentation

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(scientific) experimentation (or a scientific experiment): a (scientific) test, trial, investigation
an experience is never used to refer to a "scientific experiment".

Marie Curie's chemical experimentation led to the discovery of radium. It was her tests and trials that led to radium being discovered.

to experiment (on monkeys, with a medicine): to perform (usually scientific) tests (with monkeys, with a medicine)


  • "My friend Kibi wanted to experiment."
  • "Anyway, let me show you the results of my experiments."
  • "It's where the stars "experiment" with different substances."
  • "Today I will show you the results of my baby testing experiments."
  • "Horatio, you need to keep notes of your experiments."
  • "In today's program we are going to take a special visit to the offices of the Delavigne Corporation where an amazing experiment is taking place."
  • "My first experiment!"
  • "I'm pleased to announce that we are experimenting with the Automated Firing System (AFS)."
  • "Now I'm going to conduct a simple experiment to demonstrate the properties of these different materials."

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