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to extend: to widen, to broaden; to make bigger, to increase, to amplify; to prolong, to lengthen
I'm applying to extend my visa. I want to lengthen my stay in the country; three months is not enough, I need more time!

to extend (a statement): to widen (a statement), to make (a statement) apply to other things too


  • "And I'd extend that to all of the entries this year."
  • "Helen : Hello, Cryonics Foundation, Helen speaking, how can I extend your life today?"
  • "I think I would prove particularly helpful during your periods of extended absence, as well as during "sleepy time", which, if I understood correctly, occurs nearly every afternoon."
  • "a new wave of Chinese entrepreneurs is now attacking aspects of the marketing ladder, extending their efforts to distribution, retailing and even branding."
  • "The Supertrowel fits onto the handle of any trowel of any size and extends the exact distance from your arm to the ground, no matter how far away!"
  • "Enriqué : Lastly, Paris Saint-Germain manager Guy La Tâche had his contract extended in appreciation of his consistent work."

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