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fabulous: marvelous, amazing, superb, wonderful, great, fantastic


  • "It would be even more fabulous if you could briefly explain your role to the kids in a simple way."
  • "I'm writing to you with a fabulous new idea: French courses!"
  • "English is a fabulously rich language."
  • "Brian : I know, it's absolutely fabulous."
  • "I have given her a fabulous purple tiara to distinguish her from any other messenger birds you may receive."
  • "I need you to produce and deliver a new, totally fabulous, Christmas card."
  • "It's extra special, because my co-host Brent is in Laos judging a dwarf-throwing contest, so it's just fabulous little me, Moira MacDonald."
  • "And may I say that you look absolutely fabulous in your robe."
  • "The San Francisco Ballet is an internationally-renowned troupe of extremely talented dancers, including fabulous ballerinas and principal dancers."
  • "I'm so happy to think of all the trees I'll save with this fabulous electronic device!"

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