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a fact: a piece of real information, a truth, a certainty
I need some facts about pandas. I need definite information or statistics about pandas.

The expression facts and figures means "data", "statistics", or "precise details".

the simple fact that...: the basic, fundamental, indisputable truth that...

(But) the fact is (that she's innocent): (But) in reality, actually (she's innocent)


  • "Folks, we've all made mistakes like this at one point or another, so let's reserve judgment until we have all the facts."
  • "The fact is that Horatio and I thought we were going to die, but we didn't."
  • ""Facts" will not be used in my arguments."
  • "Perhaps you were his customer, perhaps his grandchild, or perhaps a stranger who just likes to attend funerals, but the fact is, that with Xavier, everyone felt like his friend."
  • "I could set Brian up with the sales team, and they could go over the essentials, you know: charts, facts, figures and whatnot."
  • "Facts and clues"
  • "By way of an introduction, let me begin with a simple fact about myself: I am a smoker."
  • "Sigourney : Well Bruno, it's my duty as a journalist to report on the facts."
  • "Fact: on this day, 30 years ago, Bruno Delavigne sold his first perfume!"

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