Definition Familiar

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familiar: known, recognizable; usual, common
His face seems familiar. I think I recognize him.

I am familiar with (this case): I know, I have some existing knowledge of (this case)

(He acts a bit too) familiar: (He acts a bit too) friendly, intimate
Note: While familiar can sometimes mean "intimate", it is never used to describe language:

slang or informal language commonly-used spoken language


  • "Philip : That sounds familiar."
  • "Betty : Try this dish, it's something you may not be familiar with."
  • "I am sure you are already familiar with our extensive line of skin care and beauty products, from our award-winning perfumes (Exotic Garden and others) to our environmentally safe and organically produced soaps ("Cucumber Melonade" is one of our most popular)."
  • "By the way, in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I myself use Delavigne products and so I am familiar both with the quality of your merchandise as well as with your peerless service."
  • "I'm not familiar with that address."
  • "Perhaps you are familiar with 'Smells R Us' because of their catchy radio jingles, but more likely you know them for their many unpaid invoices."
  • "Yes, I am familiar with the bike to which you are referring."
  • "Icarus : Erm no sir, I'm not familiar with it."

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