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(This car) features (the latest technology): (This car) incorporates, has (the latest technology)
This commercial features a new shampoo. This commercial shows or displays a new shampoo.

(a film) featuring (Marilyn Monroe): (a film) starring, with (Marilyn Monroe)

a feature: a characteristic, a quality, an attribute, a property
This year's model has two new features. The new functionalities are both related to improved safety.

a feature (article, program): a special, key, important article or program
Pronunciation examples
UK: The Sunday Roast newspaper is running a feature on me.
US: This movie features lots of good old-fashioned violence.


  • "Art dealer : All of Plazbo's paintings feature squares and circles."
  • "Trial runs in towns with high obesity levels have shown that consumers are likely to avoid unhealthy products if they have a picture of an unhealthy body on them. As part of the new regulations, healthier food options will also feature a photo of a slim and sexy person, in an attempt to lure consumers towards these products."
  • "Good Week/Bad Week is a popular feature in the British tabloid, The Sunday Roast."
  • "They have been featured in such classic films as "ET" and "Alien", though those titles are misleading."
  • "Bruno : The Park is teeming with wildlife and natural features, from the Old Faithful Geyser to the mountains, lakes, rivers, canyons and forests."
  • "Featuring - Horatio, the juggling shaman"
  • "Should any submissions be accepted for the ad, a waiver must be signed by the artist giving the company rights to feature it."
  • "I spent months trying to convince the journalist to feature us."
  • "However, I do think your readers may be interested in a feature about our new store in London."
  • "The fleet of Mile High planes features fully reclining seats for every pilot and co-pilot."

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