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to file (an application, taxes): to register, to log, to present (an application); to present, to declare (one's taxes)
Luna filed a petition to ban whale-hunting in the Pacific Northwest. She obtained over 100,000 signatures before sending it off.
to file for bankruptcy to declare oneself or to start the legal proceedings for bankruptcy, insolvency
to file for divorce to start the process of a divorce
to file a lawsuit to raise a problem in court, to begin legal proceedings

to file (the records): to arrange, to order, to classify, to categorize (the records)
Could you file the invoices under each client's name, so that we can find them easily when we need them?
a file a dossier, a record, the data about something or someone

to file for bankruptcy: to apply or to start the legal proceedings to declare yourself insolvent


  • "We will keep your CV on file and contact you if any positions become available."
  • "This was highlighted yesterday when she provided the wrong file for an important sales talk PERIOD."
  • "According to my research, the Perfume Hut has recently filed for Chapter XI bankruptcy, which comes as no surprise to me."
  • "It's almost April, which means it's time to file our income taxes."
  • "I need you to file an emergency 567b."

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