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to fill (in, out, up): to make, to become full; to use empty space
Fill is always followed by a 'post-position':

To fill out a form To write the necessary information on a document
To fill in the hole To put things into the hole to make it full, so that there is no more space
To fill up the gas tank. To put petrol/gas into your car so the gas tank becomes full

(The bag) is filled with (sand): (The bag) is full of (sand)


  • "Excuse my typical French greeting, but I have just returned from my homeland (France) and I am filled with a love of France (my homeland) and all things French!"
  • "To join MyFace, please complete the registration data by filling in all the fields found below."
  • "Please indicate which of these days you would prefer as the new 'Casual Dress Day', by filling in the box with a pencil or pen, blue or black ink."
  • "I am also filled with terror upon discovering your new president, but that is a discussion for another time!"
  • "You are cordially invited to my grand opening, which will be filled with art, snacks, and for the first time at any event that I've hosted, no strippers."
  • "Brian : Did he fill your sock with presents?"
  • "Edward : (singing) Sometimes I feel like such a loner, trying to fill the printer with toner"
  • "Future Man : Fill in our tax return."
  • "All the tea, crumpets and Sudoku in the world cannot fill my void since leaving the Delavigne Corporation."

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