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to finance (a project): to pay for, to fund (a project)

finance: money, banking, investments, credit management


  • "If I ever needed advice about what perfume to wear, you'd certainly top my list, but for something as complicated as finance - don't take this the wrong way - but it's difficult to take a man without clothes on seriously."
  • "As promised, here's the finance report I was telling you about."
  • "And I could finance my lifelong ambition of destroying the sun!"
  • "The company's finances are extremely healthy (as you can see in the eight-page balance sheet addendum)."
  • "Attached: finance_report_preview."
  • "I've just put the finishing touches on the biannual finance report!"
  • "However, despite my tastes and means, I cannot be expected to keep buying fine art out of my own pocket, and I will bring up the matter of finances at the next shareholders meeting."
  • "Subject: Delavigne Corporation Interim Finance Report"
  • "Delavigne Corporation Interim Finance Report January 1st to June 30th"
  • "You want a special preview of my wonderful finance report for the first six months of the year?"

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