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finest: best, of the highest quality
Delavigne has one of the finest Research and Development teams in the perfume industry. It's one of the best teams in the world.

Finest also means "the most slim", "the most thin" when referring to a thin object!


  • "I would like a glass of your finest beer, please, bartender."
  • "Our first-class service is the finest in the world!"
  • "The finest subway system in the world."
  • "Jean : Hello, yes, I would like one of your finest burritos please!"
  • "Good afternoon my dear, would you be prepared to answer some questions regarding the finest of sports, rugby?"
  • "We here at McGillicutty's pride ourselves on providing the public with the finest soaps and soap products available."
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my finest work: “Multiplicity”"
  • "Susie : The concept was developed by London's finest designers, to create the perfect shopping environment."
  • "Bobby Vanquish, the king of jazz, returns to San Francisco this weekend, accompanied by six of the 21st century's finest horn players."

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