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(The rug) fits (this room): (The rug) is the correct size for (this room)
I'm not sure if this painting will fit on the wall. Do you think there's enough space?
It fits you like a glove! It's the perfect size.
This dress fits you to perfection! It's exactly the right size for you.
This hotel fits my needs. This hotel provides me with what I need, meets my requirements.

to fit into (a pair of jeans): to manage to put (something, yourself) into (a pair of jeans)

(a) fit (person): (a person) in good physical shape
Fit has come to mean "sexy" or "good looking" in modern British English. When used to describe a man or woman, the term means "good looking" or "attractive", but is still linked to the idea of being in good physical condition.

He's quite fit! Do you agree that he's sexy?

Pronunciation examples
UK: This dress is too small - it doesn't fit!
US: You need to be very fit to run a marathon.

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