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the flu: an viral illness similar to cold, which can cause a fever and intestinal problems
Flu is the shortened form of the term influenza, which is less common in modern English.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I think a pigeon gave me bird flu.
US: It's not the bird flu, it's just a cold.
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  • "Is it the swine flu?"
  • "One cannot contract the flu by using a perfume."
  • "Faced with the threat of a flu pandemic, researchers from Paris have developed a deterrent that could stop the virus from spreading."
  • "Bubbles' tragic isolation is just the latest incident in the growing fear of a possible 'fish flu' pandemic."
  • "He has a severe case of the flu, which is contagious in its early stages."
  • "Although an occurrence of 'fish flu' in US waters has yet to be reported, alarmed Americans are taking no chances."
  • "Professor Hyppolyte Fabuleux said 'Ever since the French flu pandemic of 1873, our nation has worn scarves to protect against the common cold and flu."
  • "After watching news reports last week on the outbreak of 'fish flu' in Asia, 8-year-old boy Thomas MacKenzie made a bold decision."
  • "Philip : I think I have a stomach virus, or the flu, or both."

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