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folks: another word for "people"

Well, folks...: Well, people... guys... everyone...
Folks isn't often used in a professional context.

That's all, folks! An expression that appeared at the end of the old Warner Bros cartoons.

my folks: my parents, my mum and dad
I'd like you to meet my folks. This is my mum, Claire, and this is my dad, Steve.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm going to visit my folks this weekend.
US: That's all for now, folks!


  • "Just a reminder folks, Radio Rhubarb will stay with this story until the bodies are discovered, excuse me, I mean until the situation is explained."
  • "And we don't care about the young folks"
  • "Never mind folks."
  • "Folks, we've all made mistakes like this at one point or another, so let's reserve judgment until we have all the facts."
  • "Ray : Well folks, my pilot Rachid and I just flew over a section of Highway 1, also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, just outside of Malibu."
  • "Moira : Welcome to an extra special edition of Radio Rhubarb, folks!"
  • "Stewardess (Cindy) : Good evening folks."
  • "I think we'll just have to wrap it up now folks."
  • "That was just the beginning, folks."
  • "Alright, we're going to take one last quick break folks, and I'll come back to wrap up the show."

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