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food: a substance that is eaten, ingredients, cuisine (pizza, bread, pasta, cake, couscous, hamburgers, etc.)
Italian food Italian cuisine, dishes eaten in Italy


  • "Good food."
  • "Of the many trendy movements gaining popularity within elitist circles, the "local food" movement may have the most momentum. The term describes the growing preference of some consumers to eat only locally or regionally-produced food rather than food which has traveled great distances before arriving on their plate."
  • "French food, no way!"
  • "It smells like a used diaper with Indian food."
  • "Mrs. Brady's School of English offers a 2-week general English course (20 lessons of 45 mins per week) with an activities and excursion programme for £800 (food and accommodation included)."
  • "Food, Nutrition, & Optimal Health"
  • "They give food."
  • "Bruno : Edward, this food is considered a delicacy, and Jean wants to share his heritage with us!"
  • "A full environmental assessment of food should take into account how the food has been produced and what energy is used in its production."

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