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full: filled; complete, entire; crowded; satisfied
I have just eaten a plate full of croissants. Now I am full. I don't think I will eat for hours.

I'm full (up)!: I can eat no more! I have no more space for food! I don't want to eat anything else!


  • "The warehouse must be full of Moulin Magic."
  • "Susie : The store has three floors full of all the latest Delavigne products."
  • "I'm from New Zealand – it's full of sheep."
  • "They go back to the UK with suitcases full of jeans, designer shoes, CDs and Epods."
  • "Montmartre Musk from Delavigne is full of artistic flair, vibrance and creativity, it's colourful and romantic, yet fascinating and complex."
  • "The London Ducky managed to speak to one worker, Pedro Sanchez, despite his pocket having been crammed full of 50 dollar bills in order to keep his mouth shut."
  • "Hit the studio, 'cause I'm paid in full"
  • "As our office is full of creative people, the marketing department wanted to offer the first crack at this jingle to any musicians who want to show off their musical skills!"
  • "Australia is full of gays!"
  • "The online encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to and is therefore full of inaccurate information?"

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