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a function: a role, a use, a purpose

(to attend) a function: (to go to) a ceremony, a reception, a party

to function: to work, to operate
to function as to play the part of, to work as, to operate as


  • "Icarus : Robert, none of Quickmate's 7 different functions are centralized or user friendly."
  • "If that means buying licenses for the Miracle software, then I want you to buy them. The features of the programs you described are all well and good, but Icarus tells me that the Miracle database provides all of these functions and more, plus a lifetime warranty for the software and 24 hour-a-day technical support."
  • "That's very disappointing, because it was a relatively simple function."
  • "(This function was disabled after an embarrassing incident involving CFO, Icarus Quincy)."
  • "While I always enjoy a chance to improve my script and cursive writing, a modern company is quite dependent upon its information and technology systems. In other words, we need at least one functioning computer at all times."
  • "Normally, this sort of function would take place at City Hall, but my wife Fannie insisted we do something at the house for once."
  • "Accomplishment allows us to feel that we're capable of functioning within society."

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