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the furniture: the items in a house or office such as chairs, tables, beds etc.
Note that furniture is always singular:

I went to the furniture store last weekend. I bought a table and four chairs for my house.

Pronunciation examples
UK: When I got home, my husband had rearranged all of the furniture.
US: I have just opened an antique furniture shop.


  • "You forgot vodka and mediocre furniture!"
  • "She told me that your unexpected presence on and around her furniture has unsettled her."
  • "Michael Doleman : This is Michael Doleman, from the Furniture Depot."
  • "Announcer : Are you tired of criminals breaking into your office, stealing your precious office supplies, computer equipment and furniture?"
  • "This includes finding your new home and paying the rent, shipping your furniture to your chosen destination, and even providing a private American education for your children."
  • "Michelle Doleman : This is Michelle Doleman, from the Furniture Depot."
  • "Unless you call a sleeping bag "furniture"."
  • "I understand that you've turned one part of this floor into a furniture shop."

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