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an (art) gallery: a place or room in which things (for example art) are displayed or shown


  • "Now I'm standing inside the huge entrance hall, looking towards the main gallery space."
  • "Here we are in the main gallery space where-"
  • "Edward : Music studio, utility closet, animal shelter, art gallery, my current home."
  • "I'm recording a podcast about this art gallery."
  • "Tomorrow: An exclusive Crawl Street Journal podcast inside the new gallery!"
  • "But beyond its artistic mission, the gallery is clearly a provocative advertisement for the perfume company."
  • "I'm Lindsay Bauhaus, and today we're going to take an exclusive tour inside the new Delavigne Gallery, New York's newest and strangest-looking building."
  • "Time will tell if the project is a commercial success, but the Delavigne Gallery has already attracted enough plaudits to make it one of New York's newest and most exciting landmarks."
  • "Art dealer : Hello, Brush Strokes Art Gallery."

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