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to give: to donate, to make a present of, to award, to supply
This is an irregular verb:
I give / I gave / I have given

a gift: a present, a donation, an offering, a contribution
a gift shop a shop that sells articles appropriate as presents

given (the situation...): bearing in mind, considering, taking into account (the situation...)
Given the current situation in Iraq, I wouldn't recommend a holiday there. It is a very dangerous place at the moment.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm here to give you your birthday present.
US: I gave her 500 dollars for the antique phone.


  • "You're certain this is the address your son gave you, Horatio?"
  • "They give food."
  • "The Corsican : And give us the money!"
  • "-Nobody gives a shit about your good name."
  • "Bruno was acting funny, giving me subtle hints that he might be hiding something."
  • "This is the address he gave me!"
  • "But, I will give you a clue, because as they say: "Life is a journey, not a destination."
  • "If you're his father, we give you special table, VIP section."
  • "I'd love to give you a refund, but you need a receipt for that."
  • "The Corsican : Now you go up to the safe, you open it, and you give us the money!"

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