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the globe: the earth, the world, the planet; the sphere, the round

global: worldwide, international, universal


  • "We would like to talk about the global relocation e-mail you sent out."
  • "Viewed as a whole, the global cosmetics market showed a 2.8% increase in activity in the first half of the year."
  • "What Global Investment Adventures is NOT"
  • "Claire : Global Investment Adventures, Claire speaking."
  • "If it's snowing in San Francisco, maybe you're experiencing "global freezing"."
  • "Global Investment Adventures inc. is what you've been waiting for all these years."
  • "they control the media, the global economy, the press, the government, the weather and the menu at the Delavigne cafeteria."
  • "The most contagious (and potentially fatal) strain of the virus, called H5N1, has the potential to decimate the global bird population."
  • "Located in a secret offshore location to cut costs and hurt the global economy, your rehabilitation takes place entirely online."
  • "What Global Investment Adventures represents"

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