Go through

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to go through (one's pockets): to search in, to look through (one's pockets)

to go through (a difficult period, a hard time): to experience, to suffer during (a difficult period)

to go through (the forest): to pass through, to enter and then exit (the wood)

to go through (a procedure): to explain, to demonstrate (a procedure)


  • "They're for a middle-aged, dirty woman who's been going through a hard time."
  • "Do you want to go through life floating aimlessly from one failed relationship to another?"
  • "Your chief has gone through a terrible experience, and seems to be suffering from psychosis, phobia, neurosis, delirium, dementia, delusion, derangement, and a hint of madness."
  • "Now, I'm sure that the procedure was explained to you during your consultation, but I'll just go through it one more time to ease your mind."
  • "Let's start by going through some of the more ridiculous suggestions of the month."
  • "I can bring the necessary paperwork to your office this afternoon if you wish to go through with the recall."
  • "It's common knowledge around the office that she is going through a painful divorce."
  • "Every new mother goes through this."
  • "Can I go through now?"
  • "It's the end of the month, and that means it's time once again to go through the suggestion box!"

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