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a goal: an objective, an aim, a target, a purpose; a point scored in sport
My goal is to be CEO of this company one day. I hope to achieve my ambition within ten years.
Bob scored a goal once, when he was a child. Since then he's been unlucky in football.

a goalkeeper: a player whose role is to stop the other team from scoring (sport)


  • "Garbajosa has scored a goal and the match is over, the Mexicans have won!"
  • "Yesterday, during my "re-education" session, I endured cruel treatment that had but one goal: to remove the very essence of my Britishness."
  • "The goal is to create understanding amongst your colleagues."
  • "My goal is to pursue a career in the customer service field, specifically in management."
  • "To help you achieve your goals, I need you to adopt some new habits."
  • "Personally, I intend to achieve my goals as soon as humanly possible, and in one case, as soon as time travel technology permits."
  • "The goal of these focus groups is to gather internal feedback about a couple of new products we're considering."
  • "Their goal is to promote teamwork and develop "skill sets" which will help us become more confident, more efficient and more focused on the well-being of the entire organization."
  • "Viva Mexico! Goal!"

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