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growth: increase, expansion, extension

to grow: to increase, to augment, to expand, to get bigger; to slowly become
Pronunciation examples
UK: This diagram shows the growth in sales figures for the last quarter.
US: The growth of the company is my number one concern.


  • "The line of Delavigne products which has seen the largest growth is skin care."
  • "Caroline : We believe that when starts to sell the Delavigne range, you will see an enormous growth in online sales."
  • "The only sector showing virtually no growth is Europe."
  • "The 15-24 male demographic has been affected by rumors of breast growth by extensive exposure to unisex perfumes."
  • "However, its growth is not such good news for the environment."
  • "The growth of the aviation industry is, of course, good news for the business."
  • "We can attribute this growth to two key factors: the increase in disposable income for the average Chinese household, and the opening of our new flagship store in the heart of Beijing's commercial center."
  • "Philip : But this year, if this rate of growth continues, I am confident that we will be able to beat."
  • "I truly feel that this company has unlimited potential for growth, and our future is so bright!"
  • "As far as your tasks go, I require growth in the following areas"

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