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I guess: I suppose, I think, I believe, I imagine, I suspect
I guess is an expression frequently used in the spoken language:

I guess you can come to the party, but I will have to ask my friend first to confirm.
-Can you work on Saturday? -I guess I could: I can't think of a good reason why not.

to guess: to predict, to estimate, to speculate, to imagine
-Guess who I saw last night? -The Queen? Michael Jackson? A ghost?
You'll never guess what I did last night! You can't imagine what I did last night!
a guess an estimate, a speculation, a theory, a prediction

Pronunciation examples
UK: I guess you can come along.
US: I guess you're hungry if you haven't eaten all day.


  • "I guess I should listen to them."
  • "I guess I misunderstood."
  • "Bruno : Ok, I guess I could have a frog maybe."
  • "Guess who it is?"
  • "Bruno : I guess."
  • "I ran into him at my dog's hairdresser, and I thought: he's rich and weird, and you're weird and now rich - I guess you guys should talk."
  • "I guess I should go to sleep"
  • "Tuesday : Guess who was spotted cavorting with visibly drunk sherpas on the top of Mount Everest?"
  • "He was acting strange, different, a little bit queer, I guess you could say."
  • "I guess the people here are nice enough."

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