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to guide: to direct, to lead, to escort, to control, to show the way

a guide: an instructor, an escort, a leader; a book of instructions or helpful tips


  • "Bruno : You are coming as my translator and my guide."
  • "Betty : Well, he's more like a guide."
  • "It seems our guided meditations combined with severe electroshock therapy have been truly beneficial for you."
  • "I'd like to know as much as possible about pubs before meeting him. Would you be my guide?"
  • "With the aid of air traffic controllers, Mr. Marron was able to guide the plane towards the airport runway."
  • "I'll leave you a certain amount of leeway in the negotiations, though please use the following figures as a guide"
  • "And I also have a few guides to breast-feeding and homeopathy for children, if you're interested."
  • "Bruno : Unfortunately, the current economic climate has led to budget cuts, and the Corporation cannot afford to take you on a guided tour of the Park."
  • "Betty was my guide to a sensual world previously unknown to me."
  • "We will be guiding you through your mission into space."

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