Hang up

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to hang up (the phone): to end a telephone call
Please hang up and try again later.
to hang up on someone to impolitely end a telephone call

To hang is to 'attach' or 'suspend' something:

Hang up your clothes.

This is an irregular verb:
I hang up / I hung up / I have hung up

to pick up (the phone): to answer (the phone)
Why didn't you pick up the phone?

Please hold (on): Please wait for a moment (on the phone)
I'll put you on hold. I'm looking for your correspondent, please wait.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Why did you hang up on me when I phoned you?
US: I hung up because I got bored of the conversation.
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  • "I'm going to hang up now."
  • "If you are a member of a law enforcement agency, please hang up now."
  • "I'm gonna hang up and I want you to start again."
  • "Candice : No, don't hang up!"
  • "I get what I want, you get to hang up."
  • "Wendy : You have ten seconds before I hang up."
  • "Brian hangs up, phone rings again"
  • "(Philip hangs up)"
  • "hangs up Susie : Who was that?"
  • "Hang up the phone right now!"

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