Have a little trouble

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to have (some) trouble (with sthg / sbdy): to have (some) problems, difficulty, irritation (with sthg / sbdy)
I had a little trouble with my car this morning. It took almost an hour to get it started.

the trouble: the problem, the bother, the difficulty, the concern, the worry


  • "We would have done better, but I'm having some trouble with the management of Warbuckle's Department Stores."
  • "I hope you're not still having trouble with those Tech Support guys."
  • "Harold : Say Quincy, I'm having a little trouble with the IRS."
  • "If you're having trouble remembering me, you had an affair with my wife Daisy during your last trip to Rio."
  • "I'm not sure what's more surprising, the fact that you're having trouble doing your job, or that you're offering to pay for dinner!"
  • "The server is currently having trouble recognizing new computer accounts but we are hoping to resolve this problem within a few days."

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