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the head (body): the round part of the body above the neck (where our hair, eyes, mouth and ears are located)

the head (of the sales department): the leader, manager, director (of the sales department)

to head / to head up: to lead, to manage, to be in charge of
Kevin heads the production department. He is in charge of all the staff there.

heads (of a coin): the side (of a coin) showing a head or figure


  • "A comprehensive inspection of your premises was conducted by myself in the presence of Mr. Horatio Oléré (Head of R&D) and Mr. Brian Jones (Laboratory Assistant) on Monday August 31."
  • "Head "Nose" and creator of revolutionary new odors and fragrances"
  • "How would you like to go to London and head up a satellite office there?"
  • "Hannah Benedict - Head of Retail"
  • "I am writing in response to your advertisement for the position of "Head of Customer Service Department"."
  • "Is that a real wolf's head?"
  • "It is my sad duty to inform you that I am resigning from my positions as Head of Research and Development and Most Handsome Man at the Delavigne Corporation, effective immediately."
  • "-Yeah, somebody oughtta hit you on the head"
  • "Horatio : You have reached the voicemail machine of Horatio Oléré, the head of research and development at the Delavigne Corporation and an aspiring massage therapist."

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