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to hit: to collide with; to knock, to strike, to punch
This is an irregular verb:
I hit / I hit / I have hit

he was hit hard (by the recession): he suffered greatly, he felt the negative effects (of the bad economy)

a hit: a strike, a punch; a success (especially a successful and famous song)

to hit (a target): to accomplish, to attain, to achieve (a target)


  • "Icarus : Wow Edward, that sounds like a hit!"
  • "On the beach, white sea birds attacked me and ate my sandwiches, then Masaki threw a rock at them which hit me on the head."
  • "You ignore the ad, but as you're walking past, you get hit in the face by a big blast of TigerLily fragrance."
  • "We hit the mother lode!"
  • "-Yeah, somebody oughtta hit you on the head"
  • "Here's their new, annoyingly catchy hit: Bacon and eggs!"
  • "Make a hit musical record."
  • "Hit me with some lyrics and I'll try to put them to music!"
  • "Hit it maestro!"
  • "But I've actually got three guitars, and I don't think there are any microfiches in any of them - only hit songs."

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