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(an) honest (man): (a) trustworthy, decent, reliable, ethical (man); (an) open, sincere, frank (man)

honesty: integrity, virtue, truthfulness; openness, sincerity

(she answered) honestly: (she answered) genuinely, truthfully, sincerely, frankly
Pronunciation examples
UK: Luna is a very honest person.
US: Give me an honest answer.


  • "Small shareholders are what keeps a good company honest, that's what I've always said."
  • "Susie : Well Samantha, I'll be honest with you."
  • "According to Sir Rufus: "If our passengers are honest with us, we'll probably be honest with them.""
  • "Luna : Hmmm. But if you pressed me I would say, let's see, honest, determined and kind to animals."
  • "Be honest with me!"
  • "Money doesn't lie, it's the only honest thing in the world."
  • "Ira : Mr. Delavigne, if you won't be honest with your shareholders, how can we trust you with our money?"
  • "Let's be honest, you never know who you might offend with your wild and uneducated views on government, so why say anything at all?"

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