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however: but, even so, though; in spite of this, despite this; nevertheless, nonetheless
conjunction, adverb
Bruno lost his ability to smell, however he still creates perfumes. The fact that he can't smell the perfume doesn't matter.

however much it costs: no matter how
conjunction, adverb
However can also mean No matter how in the following constructions:

However rich he may be, he doesn't want to stop working. It doesn't matter how rich he becomes, he doesn't want to stop working.
(= No matter how rich he may be)
This exercise, however easy (it may be), must be finished. This exercise, even though it might be very easy, must be finished.

Pronunciation examples
UK: We will allow you to travel however you like.
US: However is a nice word; however it's sometimes difficult to use.


  • "However, it was also a year of revolution, where social networks changed the way we remove dictators and riot in major cities."
  • "I am, however excited."
  • "However, its growth is not such good news for the environment."
  • "I hope to tour your factory during operating hours, however I don't want to disturb the production process!"
  • "However, there is some weird stuff on your résumé."
  • "However, you really need to improve your vocabulary."
  • "Fortunately, however, a few fragments were spared, and I have put them in the bucket next to this letter."
  • "As I get older, however, I must admit, my feelings on family have changed, rather dramatically in fact."
  • "Ms. Lohan already sits on our board of trustees, however she is considering investing a large amount of capital in the company, which would allow us to finally purchase the island zoo that Horatio keeps asking for."
  • "During my travels, however, I realized something: Although I'm an awesome person, my place is here, at the Delavigne Corporation."

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