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huge: enormous, gigantic, very big, immense, vast
The steak was so huge that I could not eat it all!

Pronunciation examples
UK: The Delavigne Christmas party was a huge success.
US: The bill for the party was also huge.


  • "The choice in these huge stores is amazing."
  • "My breasts are huge!"
  • "To smell just right, there's a huge range of scents to choose from. Our fragrance expert at Vague magazine is here to help you choose from 3 of the best."
  • "Nickel is too soft, there's a huge dent in Mr Delavigne's head and his legs are all twisted."
  • "Huge fan is an understatement."
  • "The Serious Fraud office has been called in, and, although they haven't officially announced their findings yet, the Sunday Roast has THE scoop: it appears that Leeson had been netting huge losses on unauthorised deals, and falsifying information to cover up his failures."
  • "Requires a huge wingspan and is not ideal for night flights."
  • "Susie : Oh my god, it's huge!"
  • "My employer, His Majesty Sheik Jafar, is a huge fan of your Bordello Breeze fragrance."
  • "Now I'm standing inside the huge entrance hall, looking towards the main gallery space."

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