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to identify: to name, to recognize, to classify, to confirm, to demonstrate; to relate to, to understand, to feel for, to have an affinity for
We need you to identify the culprit, which one of these men robbed you?
More and more young teenagers identify with Britney Spears, they say that they relate to her attitude and lyrics.


  • "Please identify yourself."
  • "We managed to identify and destroy the virus before it infected any other machines on the network, which is extremely good news."
  • "Air Traffic Controller : I'm unable to identify you on radar."
  • "I want you to make a series of 90-degree turns so that I can identify you on radar."
  • "I hope this helps identify him."
  • "There are many international Human Rights organizations which identify private enterprises that subcontract their labor."
  • "Witnesses were unable to identify the driver of the van, nor read its license plate, though several people reported seeing a "KK" logo on the rear window of the vehicle."
  • "OILS, the Organization for International Labor Standards, is a (fictional) group which identifies and certifies subcontractors using legal and ethical labor practices."

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