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to ignore: not to pay attention to, not to take notice of, to disregard
I said "hello" to Susie, but she ignored me and kept on walking.


  • "Ignore any last objections the subject might have and switch on power."
  • "I put my job first, and ignored distractions like personal relationships, friends, lovers even pets and occasionally personal hygiene."
  • "However I simply can't ignore the aberrations of her timetable."
  • "You can ignore the sign that says "No Interns" on the door."
  • "Susie : Anyway, ignoring the fact that you didn't think of this idea, it's still terrible."
  • "I'm afraid they just don't understand how to cook, and all my complaints to Mr. Stevens, head of catering, have been ignored."
  • "You ignore the ad, but as you're walking past, you get hit in the face by a big blast of TigerLily fragrance."
  • "You can ignore the last section."
  • "You can go ahead and ignore that e-mail."
  • "The key is filtering the most important ones and ignoring the ones that are less urgent."

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