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immediately: instantaneously, instantly, at once, straight away

immediate: instant, instantaneous, direct


  • "Brian : Edward, we need you on the dance floor immediately!"
  • "As your Queen, I demand you return that crown immediately."
  • "Horatio Oléré was recognized by a mountain goat, who immediately emailed our site, informing us that the millionaire shaman instigated a snowball fight with a band of peaceful Yetis."
  • "I'm returning to my native continent immediately, if he'll have me back."
  • "If this person belongs to you, or sounds like someone you know, please come to the hospital immediately, mmkay?"
  • "her story immediately entered national folklore."
  • "
    Susie: Other messages like marriage proposals, wire transfers from Nigerian princes, and absolutely all mails from Philip Cheeter, I mark as SPAM or delete immediately.
  • "For example, I try to answer Bruno's emails immediately."
  • "Everybody to the boardroom immediately!"
  • "Open the door and surrender immediately."

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