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to improve: to become better, to make progress
Luna wants to improve the living conditions of poor families.
Jean's English is really improving.

an improvement: something becoming better, progress
We've noticed an improvement in the quality of her work; it's much better now.


  • "Perhaps you could improve the way the information is organized?"
  • "However, I can tell you that the initiative kills two birds with one stone: not only should it improve the level of hygiene in the office, it will also provide a permanent use for otherwise useless intern, Edward Moon."
  • "Last year, things improved, we sold a lot of perfumes and we overtook."
  • "I'm not expecting you to be "a shoulder to cry on", but I'm convinced that, with a little bit of tact and consideration, we will see an enormous, and immediate, improvement in the quality of Doris's work."
  • ""The May Day protesters are calling for a reform of the US immigration policy, universal health care, improved workers' rights and an end to all wars instigated by the US."
  • "In order to improve our organization's reputation for service, here are some proven customer service guidelines that I have found particularly beneficial"
  • "However, you really need to improve your vocabulary."
  • "what improvements do you feel that we could make here?"
  • "Please find below our personalized suggestions for new profiles for your managers on the social media site, LockedIn, based on what we know about each of them. We think that this "facelift" will improve the company's reputation and even provide new business opportunities."

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