In the spirit of

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in the spirit of: in the attitude of, in the essence of
It's not in the spirit of teamwork to betray one another. That's not the essence of working together at all.
in the Christmas spirit showing enthusiasm and enjoyment for Christmas
Team spirit is required for this job. The successful candidate will enjoy working with others.

a spirit: a ghost, a phantom, a spectre


  • "Until then, let's get back to the spirit of the season: getting drunk as skunks, stuffing our faces with food, and of course, putting up with our family!"
  • "So I make sure that there's good team spirit."
  • "Bruno : Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present Edward Moon, who will sing us a company spirit song!"
  • "America is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, and there's no shortage of people wanting to make big money fast, but if you're smart, you'll make your money the old-fashioned way, with hard work and dedication."
  • "Day 3 : Our tasks include washing dishes, peeling potatoes, and having our spirit slowly crushed by the inexorable passing of time."
  • "It's time we fostered a sense of team spirit within Delavigne, which is why I have decided to enter a Delavigne dodgeball team into a tournament taking place next month."
  • "Brian : No sir, it's the Christmas spirit!"
  • "Philip : Bells on bobtail ring, singing spirits bright, oh what fun it is to laugh and sing, a sleighing song tonight!"
  • "My yoga sessions help me clear my mind and purify my spirit."

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