Information technology

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IT (Information Technology): computer science and technology
an IT position a job within the computer department, a computer-related job

Pronunciation examples
UK: Information technology is usually abbreviated to I.T.
US: He studied information technology at university and now works in an IT department.
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  • "I'll get one of the IT monkeys to set it up for me."
  • "The big winners are Jean Marron, who ironically works in the IT department, and Philip Cheeter of Sales."
  • "- Contact your friendly IT department immediately if you notice anything strange on your computer."
  • "Bob Carter IT Department"
  • "IT assistant for the Delavigne Corporation and local French man Jean Marron was awarded the San Francisco Gold Medal Hero Award yesterday for his display of courage in saving the life of his pilot instructor."
  • "I am sending you straight back to the IT department."
  • "As I'm sure you are aware, Bob has been with you for 5 years and oversees the IT department."
  • "The IT systems have certainly improved since his arrival, and I've even recommended the Slideshow Consulting Group to my friends."
  • "You are through to the Delavigne IT department."
  • "Unfortunately, a member of the IT department has discovered the 'Taxman' virus on a Delavigne employee's computer."

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