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instead of (doing something): an alternative to (doing something), rather than (doing something)
preposition, adverb
Instead of precedes a noun or a gerund (verb + -ing):

I would prefer tea instead of coffee.
Instead of asking questions, you should just start working.

instead (end of sentence): rather than the other thing, in place of the other thing
The adverb instead (without of) is used at the end of a sentence:

They needed a banker, but they got a consultant instead.


  • "Tell me a little about yourself instead."
  • "Instead, it's a desperate one."
  • "Actually, could I have mashed potatoes instead?"
  • "I had mashed potatoes instead of a steak!"
  • "I thought that returning to the continent would bring me closer to my roots, instead it has shown me the terrifying consequences of disrupting the European Union."
  • "(My suggestion would be to use those plastic 'ponchos' instead."
  • "Philip : Well normally I'd say hell yes, but why don't we just get down to business instead?"
  • "Philip : Instead we're looking for a bear!"
  • "Edward : No, I wanted mashed potatoes instead of the steak and fries."
  • "Instead, I intend to ruin the reputation of a good man through a combination of rumors, internet research and wild speculation*."

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